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Preparation of Financial Statements

Financial statements provide essential information to the management and owners of a business. For businesses that do not have access to a full time internal accountant or bookkeeper, we provide the following services

Bookkeeping (Monthly, quarterly, annually)

Payroll services

GST and PST remittances

Interim financial statements

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Review of Financial Statements

Review engagements are often required to fulfill the requirements of creditors, shareholders, government agencies, bonding companies, etc. We can provide a review engagement to meet your requirements. A review engagement provides your financial statements with a limited but generally accepted level of assurance.

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Financial Projections and Forecasts

Projections and forecasts are an important tool for obtaining new or alternative financing or in creating your business plan. We can prepare projections and forecasts or review previously prepared projections and forecasts to help ensure accuracy and reliability. We can also help determine if the projections and forecasts are consistent with your accounting practices.

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Audits of Not-for-Profit Organizations

Most not-for-profit organizations and charities are required to have their financial statements audited annually. Audits offer assurance to all stakeholders (members, donors, recipients, government) that all funds are properly accounted for and managed.

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Corporate Taxation

Corporate tax accounting services include preparation and filing of your corporate tax return, planning so that you pay the lowest amount of tax possible, and representation before the Canada Revenue Agency regarding your tax return.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a fundamental management tool that clarifies business priorities, resolves outstanding issues and helps to point your business in the right direction. We can gather and analyze information regarding important business issues and help in your planning process. We also provide a financial analysis of the business, examine key performance indicators, and offer recommendations to aid in implementation.

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Corporate Re-organizations and Succession Planning

We have the experience and resources necessary to advise on corporate re-organizations and the implementation of a succession plan to meet all the objectives of those involved.

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Purchase and Sale of a Business

Acquiring or leaving a business can be complicated. We can assist you in addressing all of the key issues necessary for your business decision.

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